Avoid Going Broke This Holiday Season

The holidays are almost here! While it means time with family and friends, good meals, and festive parties, it also means buying gifts, traveling, purchasing that “must have” dress for New Years eve and the list goes on. We want to help prevent you from going broke this holiday season. After all, no one wants to start 2018 with no money in the bank!

1.) Host a Potluck Dinner! Why? Because groceries are not cheap. While it may sound like a fun idea to go to that trendy new restaurant with your friends, it usually means paying for your meal, a drink (or two!), tax and tip, aka it means an expensive bill. Instead, plan a potluck dinner! You can choose a theme and have everyone bring a homemade dish. It’s a great alternative to that trendy restaurant because it will help you save money, but you can also ditch the heels and keep things casual (if you want, of course!)

2.) Use Credit Card Points. Although this seems like an obvious piece of advice, many people forget to use their credit card reward points. Many credits cards will let users translate points into airfare, so if you need to travel home for the holidays this is a great way to save some cash. You should also check if you can use points to pay your bill or even buy gifts! Don’t miss the opportunity to save some money because you’re too lazy to check out your credit cards website.

3.) Shop Living Social and Groupon. Sites like Living Social and Groupon offer great gift ideas at a cheaper price. Want to treat your parents to a date night at their favorite restaurant? Try finding the restaurant on one of these sites. Excited to get your sister a gift card for a spa day? You’ll probably find a great deal here!

4.) Sell Some Text Books. The semester is over so it’s time to say goodbye to your textbooks and bring in some extra cash. Sell the textbooks you no longer need on a site like Bookscouter to earn some extra cash to use this holiday season.

5.) Take Advantage of Aspen Tan Specials (we had to!). Each month we offer new specials to help you stay on a budget! Don’t forget to follow us on social, and sign up for our newsletter, to stay up to date on what specials we have going on. After all, we want to make sure you take time for yourself this holiday season!

We hope these tips will help you start 2018 with some extra cash in your bank account! If you use any of these tips let us know how it goes on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Happy holidays and happy saving!