Baby You’re A Firework: How To Sparkle This 4th of July

The 4th of July is right around the corner and we want to help you shine from the inside out! July 4th means BBQs, pool parties and fireworks. It also means a lot of photos, Instagram posts and Snapchats. We want to help you feel confident and look great at whatever you have planned for the holiday (yes, even if it is a family BBQ). So, here are some tips on how to sparkle this 4th of July.

  1. Relax In The Cocoon Wellness Pro: We recently added The Cocoon Wellness Pro to our wellness offerings. Just one 20 minute session will leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed and ready for the holiday! You get to customize your session so you can focus on relaxation, weight loss, improved energy levels, detoxing, reducing stress and more! You will notice results in one month or less. Plus, The Cocoon Wellness Pro incorporates infrared light to eliminate puffiness and inflammation.
  2. Recognize The Power of Red Light Therapy: Are your muscles sore from all your extra summer workouts? Recovering from an injury? Bothered by that small bit of cellulite (even if no one notices it but you)? Try out our Red Light Therapy beds. Short term results include soft skin, increased moisture, a more glowing complexion and reduced soreness in muscles and joints. The long term results are even better – positive influence on hair and nail growth, and reduced swelling around the eyes to name a few.
  3. Enhance Your Summer Glow: Now that you’ve relaxed in The Cocoon Wellness Pro and improved your skin with some Red Light Therapy, it is time to shine! Check out our top-of-the line beds that are perfect for maintaining that tan you have been working for all summer, or giving you that glow you have been craving.  Spent too much time in the sun? (it happens) In that case, check out the VersaSpa® for all sunless tanning. You can give your skin a natural, vibrant, long-lasting glow in just minutes and can bronze, hydrate and smooth fine lines in one session.

And, since we are so excited for you to shine this summer, we are offering some exciting new specials!

  • Buy any select product, get $40 in free Cocoon/Lightstim sessions (2 free sessions)
  • Sign up for a season pass in July, and take advantage of no $25 enrollment fee, and still get season pass rewards valued over $75! This includes free upgrades, buddy passes, and free wellness sessions!