December Team Member of the Month

New month, new team member of the month! We thought we would use this holiday month to celebrate one of our most fun and festive team members, Caitlin Safchik – our Regional Manager. Keep reading to learn about the women who works behind the scene.

How long have you been an Aspen Tan team member and at which location(s) do you work?
Caitlin: I have been working at Aspen Tan since February of 2012 – 6 years in December. I’ve worked at all locations, however my primary location is Boulder.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself (something interesting)?
Caitlin: I have a few fun facts! I was a competitive freestyle skier for 4 years and a competitive horseback rider for 8 years. I also am an active fundraiser and have raised over $100K for a variety of non-profit organizations, such as, Humanity & Hope, Susan G. Komen, Alzheimer’s Association, and more. But, what I find most interesting is that Aspen Tan was my first job EVER! I started off as a tanning Associate and worked my way up to Regional Manager.

When you’re not working, what do you like to do?
Caitlin: I’m always working – ha! But I do make time to get my sweat on 4-5 times a week. I love to cycle at High Ride in Denver, CO and hit up Fierce45 in Denver, CO.

What do you love about being apart of the Aspen Tan team?
Caitlin: There isn’t just one thing I love about being a part of the Aspen Tan team. Aspen Tan stands for so much more than a tanning salon, it stands for health & wellness, which I’m a huge advocate of. I also love our incredible team. Being there for 6 years, I’m proud to say we have had and continue to have the greatest team members and clientele. We are a family – and everyone has each others backs.

What song/s do you like to jam out to while working?
Caitlin: Oh boy this is a tough one for me, since I don’t work in the salon as much, but I am going to go with throwback music (Pop Rock).

What is your favorite tanning bed and why?
Caitlin: My favorite bed is the Esprit 770, because you get the right amount of UVA and UVB to get that nice natural glow AND it’s absolutely perfect for building a base tan.

We can’t thank Caitlin enough for all of her hard work and staying a part of the family for nearly 6 years! To learn more about Aspen Tan Team Members, salon updates and specials be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.