Does Red Light really work?

Red Light Therapy

Does red light therapy really work? What does it do?
There are not only physical results from red light therapy but there are multiple health and internal benefits. The Ergoline Beauty Angel creates this skin and body magic by stimulating the body’s own production of collagen,
elasticity, and hyaluronan. The most amazing and beneficial result of this light is its ability to naturally smooth and clear wrinkles, cellulite, and dark/age/sun spots. This new technology doesn’t just provide cosmetic benefits but also soothes sore muscles, joint aches, and provide relief for muscle pains. It not only helps soothe pain, but red light therapy kick starts the healing process of injuries and nerve damage.

Will I see results right away? What will I see and feel after long-term use?
The short term and long-term effects are both extremely beneficial to both your body and mind. You will see physical results after just a few uses and feel more relaxed, release tension, and stress. Our customers and employees who use the Beauty Angel a few times a week for multiple months have
reported many short-term results; soft supple skin, increase moisture, glowing and even complexion, refined pores and improved skin texture, reduced soreness in muscles and joints, and relaxation. The reported long-
term results are; reduction of small wrinkles on the face and neck, age and pigment spot fading, reduced swelling around the eyes, replenished collagen and elasticity, visibly tighter and smoother skin and legs, hair and nail
growth, and improved regeneration capacity of muscles.

The Ergoline Beauty Angel is a stand-up machine offered at all of our Aspen Tan locations that has four different programs that each help and heal the muscles and body. The vibration therapy intense with each program level
and you choose which (if any) level you want to do. If you are an athlete and often have sore muscles that need soothing and strength or if you are looking for visibly tighter and toned legs with cellulite reduction, red light can help!

Our customers and employees absolutely love the red-light and have reported amazing results after just 3-4 uses!

Come try it out and let us know how you love your new glowing and blemish-free skin!

We offer one free red light session for customers who sign up for our newsletter on this website so why not come in and try it out- on us!