Easy Resolutions to Improve Your Life!

Happy 2018! It’s a New Year which means everyone is setting resolutions and goals they hope to achieve in the next 365 days. Many people make the mistake of choosing resolutions or setting goals that are extreme. If you have been reading our blog, you know it is important to set SMART goals. Don’t remember what that means? Refresh yourself here.

But now, we are going to share a few easy resolutions we think each and every one of you can keep this year.

  1. Go for at least one 30 minute walk each day. Grab a friend, or your favorite podcast and take a walk! Getting outside and enjoying the fresh air will help you feel refreshed every day. And, adding 30 minutes of exercise is always a good idea.
  2. Eat one vegetable with every meal.  Sound hard? It’s not. Throw some spinach into your breakfast smoothie, indulge in a veggie packed salad for lunch and try some oven roasted broccoli as part of your dinner. And the health benefits are great! This is a great resolution that focuses on healthy eating without putting an emphasis on removing a certain type of food.
  3. Wash your face before bed. We know, we know, sometimes you are just too tired to wash your face, but it’s important! And easy! Are you thinking, “it’s fine, I don’t wear makeup!” You are wrong. Not removing all of the dirt and gunk that ends up on your skin throughout the day can cause skin irritation, inflammation and acne breakouts.
  4. Don’t sleep with your smartphone (or laptop or tablet). We know it’s hard to put down our smart devices, but when we are going to sleep it should be easy. Afterall, you won’t be scrolling Instagram as you sleep. Try putting your cell phone on your end table or your desk – keep it out of your sleeping space!
  5. Give yourself 10 minutes of “me time” every day. Schedule 10 minutes for yourself every day this year! It is easy to get caught up in school work and busy schedules, but it is important to set time aside for yourself. Enjoy reading a book, taking a bath, or visiting us at Aspen Tan for a wellness treatment. Make sure to choose activities that not only make you feel good, but also relieve stress and improve your well-being.

Plan on keeping these resolutions? Tell us about it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Or, stop in and talk to a team member about it! Happy New Year!