Get To Know Aspen Tan’s Team Members of The Month

Recently, we implemented a Team Member of the Month title! Each month, we will showcase one team member that has gone above and beyond in the salon. And, because we want you to know our team members just as well as we do, we will be featuring a Q&A of each month’s Team Member of The Month.

For this first Q&A, we get double the fun! We caught up with our June AND July Team Members of The Month!

How long have you been an Aspen Tan team member and what location/s do you work at?

Caitie T: I have been an Aspen Tan team member for one year. I work at both Boulder locations.

Destany W: I have worked at Aspen Tan for more than four years. I am the manager of the Glenwood Salon so I primarily work there, but I have worked quite a bit in Aspen this summer!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

Caitie T: I like to play pranks on my close friends! And, I can make a great pizza from scratch, dough and all.

Destany W: Fun Fact- hmm. I am turning 21 on August 9th.. so in 3 weeks! My boyfriend and both of our families are going to Las Vegas for that week to celebrate! (Maybe that isn’t a fun fact.. I’m just really excited about it!)

When you’re not working, what do you like to do?

Caitie T: I like to spend my time talking to my family because I don’t see them as often as I would like to, with my best friend, or staying active. I enjoy exercising and finding new places to hike.

Destany W: When I’m not working, I am hanging with my boyfriend Cole & our fur-baby Teddy, usually at the lake! I love fishing, swimming, and floating on tubes.

What do you love about being apart of the Aspen Tan team?

Caitie T: The best parts of being an Aspen Tan team member are the great girls I get to work with and all the nice people I get to meet while in the salon.

Destany W.: The best thing about working at Aspen Tan is the people. I’ve made really good friends with people I work with, and I probably would have never met my best friend Alexandria if we didn’t work together. The clients are also great, especially people you see on a regular basis.

What song/s do you like to jam out to while working?

Caitie T: I love jamming out to upbeat, energetic music. Good music keeps my energy up during long shifts! But, when I work late and have to stay past closing, I love to listen to classic hip hop.

Destany W: I’m usually jamming to country, but sometimes I switch it up and play Frank Sinatra or Nicki Minaj. I have a pretty eclectic taste in music, just depends on the day!

Favorite tanning bed and why?

Caitie T: My favorite tanning bed is the stand up. It has the shortest maximum time, so you can get a great tan in half the time. Using the stand up bed also allows you to avoid missing those small pressure point areas that don’t get tan while laying in a bed, and you can play your own music while tanning.

Destany W: My favorite tanning bed is the Esprit. It’s quick and gives me a really good base tan. I also love that the facial tanners are optional on that bed, because as much as I love my freckles I don’t need more!

Shout out to these team members for always giving it their all! To learn more about Aspen Tan Team Members, salon updates and specials be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.