Glow From The Inside Out With Our New Wellness Options

BIG NEWS! We have been busy setting up some new wellness options for you just in time for summer. Stop by to try out the new Red Light Therapy, Red Light Facial Lamp Treatment (coming soon) and the Wellness Cocoon.

Red Light Therapy not only helps with aesthetics, such as wrinkles andor cellulite, it also can provide relief from joint aches, muscle soreness, and help the healing process with injuries or nerve damage. It uses light in special ranges of effectiveness to naturally rejuvenate the skin. The light is absorbed by the skin cells, where it stimulates the body’s own production of collagen, elastic and hyaluronan.

Short term benefits include soft, supple skin, increased moisture, and a more glowing complexion. Reported long term results include reduced swelling around the eyes, replenished collagen and elastin in the connective tissue, positive influence on hair and nail growth, bones and tendons, and improved regeneration capacity of muscles.

Red Light Facial Lamp Treatment is a 20 minute session that emits UV-free, beneficial light rays that energize cells and stimulate the body’s natural process to build new proteins and regenerate cells. Benefits include reducing fine lines and wrinkles, repairing, rebuilding collagen and elastin, and reducing pore size. Plus, the treatment accelerates healing and tones the skin for a radiant glow. Your skin will look and feel softer and smoother!

The Cocoon Wellness Pro is a personalized sauna, detox, and weight loss system designed for full body comfort and relaxation. The Cocoon POD includes both infrared (IR) and traditional dry (sauna) heat features. While your body lies comfortably inside the Cocoon chamber, your head remains outside for your comfort and enjoyment of the session. In addition, an adjustable stream of cool air is at your fingertips for keeping your face and neck comfortable. A state of the art, FDA approved Red Light Facial Lamp Treatment will soon also be available to combine with every session! During each 20 minute session, the Cocoon offers a rejuvenating and relaxing experience for the mind, body and spirit.

Not sure which is the best option for you? Want to hear more about them? Stop by and speak to an associate or visit Our Wellness Page.