Happy Halloween!

Halloween is this week already! Are you still looking for some last-minute costume inspiration? We’ve got you covered with some quick and easy costumes. Looking for costumes to do with friends or a solo outfit? We’ve got both in our list of top 5 easy (but cute) costume inspo! 


Stranger Things: Get your friends together and decide who will dress as who from the Stranger Things cast. Everything from punk Eleven circa season two, Billie, Dustin and Barb, are pretty simple to pull together. Need some inspiration? Check out these DIY Stranger Things costumes.

Baywatch: Have a red bathing suit? Get yourself a whistle and call it a day! Want to incorporate more props? Get an inflatable raft preserver to really look the part. And, don’t forget a spray tan!


Dancing Twins Emoji: Grab your bestie and twin it up! All you need is two black leotards or two black dresses. Put on your favorite black shoes, top it off with a set of black ears or even a black ribbon and you are ready to go!

The 70’s: Grab your bell bottoms or get groovy! Do this with your friends or solo; all you need is a patterned bright colored dress, chunky or platform shoes, colored glasses, or even go in all denim! 

Euphoria Cast: This is one of the best costumes for those makeup guru’s! Go wild with glitter, sparkles, colors, and pick a character. The best part about this costume is how many different options you have for outfits; from the characters amazing daily style to their own Halloween costumes in the show, you’ll have plenty of inspiration. 


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Happy Halloween!