How Do Battle of the Bronze Winners Prep for Summer?

Recently, we hosted our annual Battle of The Bronze to help sororities prep for Spring Break and give them a chance to win a tanning package valued at over $7,000. This year’s winners were University of Colorado Boulder’s Alpha Phi! Congrats!

We caught up with Alpha Phi’s VP of Marketing, Becca, to chat tanning preferences, workouts, healthy meals and summer prep.

What is your favorite workout to do with your sorority sisters?
“We love to go to the sculpting classes at Core Power on the Hill together! It’s walking distance away and is the perfect late night workout to whip us into shape for swimsuit season!”

What is your favorite healthy meal to make and enjoy with your sorority sisters?
“We love when our chef Michelle makes her grilled salmon served with her quinoa salad and vegan coconut curry cauliflower.”

What is your favorite way to get ready for summer?
“We get ready for summer by enjoying the warm weather outside, perfecting our workout routines and of course coming to Aspen Tan to start on our summer bronzed look!”

Which Aspen Tan bed is your favorite? Or do you prefer spray tans?
“Your stand up bed is our favorite for the best all around tan! This bed helps us avoid uneven tanning and has the best coverage for that perfect sun kissed glow!”

Which Aspen Tan location do you and your sisters love?
“The Aspen Tan on the hill is the perfect location for us. It is right behind the Alpha Phi house making it just a short walk from our back door.”

Anything else to add?
“Warm weather brings the best kind of memories with my sisters! Thank you Aspen Tan for being a part of my journey to summer!”

Shout out to Alphi Phi for winning, and for being such incredible customers! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date on specials.