Influential Client Spotlight: Dani Nelson


It’s a new month so we have a new influential client to spotlight! Did you miss last month’s influential client spotlight? Check it out here.


This month we are spotlighting Dani. Dani is a Junior at the University of Colorado, Boulder studying Communications and Technology Arts, and Media. She is in Alphi Phi! Originally from Denver, CO, she didn’t want to travel too far for college because her family and friends mean everything to her. Read through the fun Q&A we did with Dani below.


Q: What is your favorite tanning bed?

A:  My favorite tanning bed is definitely room number two! It is the same rays that you would receive from the sun so it makes me feel like I’m getting some sun in this cold, dry winter.  


Q: Why do you like tanning?

A:  I love to tan because it is not only great for getting tan (and looking great!), but it helps my skin be less dry and gives me that extra Vitamin D that is always beneficial.


Q: Where are you going for Spring Break?

A: I am going to Playa Del Carmen in Mexico with my boyfriend, Beau!


Q: What is your favorite song right now?

A: My favorite song right now is The Middle by Zedd, Maren Morris, Grey.


Q: What is your favorite workout you’ve done in 2018 so far?

A: My favorite work out is sculpt at Corepower Yoga! It pushes my body in different ways and I feel like it also keeps me in a healthier mental state. I think it’s important to work out not only for physical reasons but for your mind as well.  


Q: What is your favorite sports team?

A: The broncos! I have been born and raised a Broncos football fan due to growing up in Denver, Colorado.


Q: What’s your favorite meal to make?


A: I love lemon chicken and brussel sprouts with a yummy salad. I make the best brussel sprouts – I could literally eat them for every meal!


Be sure to follow Dani on Instagram, @danilnelson. She will be sharing fun Aspen Tan promotions for her followers.

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