Influential Client Spotlight: Kendel

We are so honored to have incredible team members, but also incredible customers. Because of that, we have decided to team up with some of our most influential clients to help spread awareness of Aspen Tan. And, because we like to keep you in the loop, we wanted to share a Q&A we did with one of these clients – Kendel Chelberg. Kendel has been visiting Aspen Tan since 2015. She found us because we were close by, but she kept coming back because of our upscale salon feeling.

Q: What is your favorite tanning bed?
A: My favorite tanning bed is in room 1 – the black level (OpenSun1050) because it gives me a quick, dark color and instant freckles on my face, which I love!

Q: Why do you like tanning?
A: I love tanning because the UV’s keep me happy through the winter and visiting aspen tan is like a mini spa treatment in the middle of a hectic day. I grew up in California and love that I can still be tan here in Colorado throughout the year.

Q: What is your New Year’s resolution?
A: My New Year’s resolution is to quit my addiction to sugar. It’s the biggest thing stopping me from being my healthiest self.

Q: What is your favorite song right now?
A: My favorite song is “Cruel” by Snakeships, ZAYN, and MXXWLL. It pumps me up no matter what mood I’m in!

A bit more about Kendel: She is in the University of Colorado, Boulder’s Alpha Phi chapter. She is studying environment design with an emphasis in architecture. Kendel is passionate about finding new ways to eat well and stays fit by practicing yoga and pilates.

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