Thanksgiving Does Not Have To Mean Overeating

It’s officially November, which means holiday season is upon us! Bring on the Turkey, stuffing, holiday cookies and the wine. Holiday season is often the time when people slack on their own health & wellness, whether that is because they are too busy or are too interested in that third piece of pie, your health & wellness still should be a priority. So, we want to help! We thought we’d share a few easy tips on how to control overeating on Thanksgiving.

  1. Make sure to eat breakfast! Although many people think that saving up for the main meal event will save calories, skipping meals increases the likelihood of overeating. Plus, eating a nutritious breakfast can help set the stage for your meals the rest of the day!
  2. Indulge in extra H20! Drinking a glass or two of water leading up to meals can reduce the opportunity to overfill the stomach with high caloric foods. Additionally, replacing soft drinks or alcohol with water will help save calories.
  3. Pull out the small plates! An easy tip to control overeating is to swap out large plates with small ones. Portioning food onto small plates helps reduce food amount, but can also trigger feelings of fullness with less food.
  4. Pause! It takes the mind and stomach time to connect and send the “I’m full!” signal. Instead of reaching for seconds quickly, slow down and take a pause. Give your body time to process how full you are.
  5. Leftovers are your friends! Instead of eating all the food on Thanksgiving day, spread it out throughout the week. You’ll save on groceries for the week and save calories on Thanksgiving day.

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