Wellness Services

Aspen Tan is dedicated to improving our customers wellbeing so we have added two different wellness offerings to our salons. These wellness offerings are a perfect compliment to a healthy lifestyle – offering everything from relaxation, improved energy levels to relief from joint aches and muscle soreness.

Cocoon Wellness Pod

The Cocoon Wellness Pro is a personalized sauna, detox, and weight loss system designed for full body comfort and relaxation. The Cocoon POD includes both infrared (IR) and traditional dry (sauna) heat features. While your body lies comfortably inside the Cocoon chamber, your head remains outside for your comfort and enjoyment of the session. In addition, an adjustable stream of cool air is at your fingertips for keeping your face and neck comfortable. A state of the art, FDA approved RED LIGHT facial treatment will soon also be available to combine with every session!

Reported Benefits

With Aspen Tan’s automated Cocoon Wellness Pro™, users benefit from creating customized wellness programs during every session! This can include programs focused on relaxation, weight loss, improved energy levels, detox, reduced stress, athletic performance, and an improved level of personal wellness!

Cocoon Wellness Pod

How Does it Work?

During each 20 minute session, the Cocoon offers a rejuvenating and relaxing experience for the mind, body and spirit. The cushioned, full-body, dual-wave massage system is ergonomically situated within an enclosed pod of thermal active energy; created in part by the heating of the Tourmaline, Jade and Germanium stones that line the pod’s inner walls. When energized, the stones emit radiant wavelengths which contribute to the effectiveness of the dry heat, sauna-like atmosphere within the pod.

The experience is further enhanced as you breathe refreshing, cleansed, air infused with Himalayan Crystal Salt. For added pleasure and relaxation, you can also enjoy the benefits of Aroma Therapy enriched with pure essential oils.

During the session, the user can adjust cooling airflow as well as the unit’s internal temperature, which ranges from room temperature up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit. The thermogenic benefits of a high-heat session in the Cocoon include calorie burning and weight loss. This also helps reduce impurities in the system, improves metabolism and leads toward achieving permanent weight loss. In addition, increasing your core temperature for short bursts has been found to be beneficial and can dramatically improve athletic performance – a concept referred to as “hyperthermic conditioning.” Each session can last up to 20 minutes. Two or three sessions per week are recommended initially, followed by weekly maintenance sessions.

For more info visit wellness-usa.com

Red Light Therapy

Aspen Tan proudly carries Red Light Therapy beds in all of our locations. Not only can this new technology help with aesthetics, such as wrinkles or cellulite, it also can provide relief from joint aches, muscle soreness, and help the healing process with injuries or nerve damage.

Wellness Services - Red Light Therapy

Reported Short Term Results

  • Soft, supple skin
  • Increased moisture
  • A more glowing complexion
  • Refined pores and improved skin texture
  • Reduced soreness in muscles and joints

Reported Long Term Results

  • Reduction of small wrinkles on the face and décolleté
  • Age and pigment spot fading
  • Reduced swelling around the eyes
  • Replenished collagen and elastin in the connective tissue – for visibly tauter skin over the whole body
  • Positive influence on hair and nail growth, bones and tendons
  • Improved regeneration capacity of muscles
Program One

Wellness (low frequency) – Loosens and relaxes muscles
This program improves flexibility and enhances well-being with gentle movements at a low vibration frequency.

Duration: 10 minutes

  • Relieves tension and relaxes muscles
  • Improves muscles in the back
  • Helps restore muscle performance, such as after an injury
Program Two

Entry level vibration therapy (medium frequency) – body fitness for beginners
This program is ideal for beginners and gradually improves fitness with powerful movements at medium frequency.

Duration: 10 minutes

  • Increase fitness
  • Improves muscle function, especially in the back
  • Stimulates blood circulation
Program Three

Intense vibration therapy (high frequency) – body fitness for advances training
This program is excellent for sports enthusiasts and serves to strengthen muscles with powerful movements at high frequency.

Duration: 10 minutes

  • Strengthens muscles
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Improves fitness
  • Training for muscle coordination
Program Four

Beauty (mixed frequency) – improves skin appearance
This program reduces the appearance of cellulite and refines the skin’s smoothness with gentle movement at alternating frequency.

Duration: 10 minutes

  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • Helps tighten skin
  • Ideal for firming and toning muscles

FAQs for Red Light Therapy

How many times do I have to do the treatment to begin to see results?

To begin to see results, we recommend using red light therapy 4-6 times a week for 2-3 weeks. To achieve maximum results, we recommend this routine for at least 3 months.

Who benefits most from Red Light Therapy?

Anyone can benefit from Red Light Therapy. The system can help tone and tighten skin for anyone looking for a non-surgerical, non-invasive anti-aging routine. Aspen Tan also provides Red Light Therapy to numerous sport athletes on a regular basis, from elite triathletes and olympic participants to fit moms on the go, looking for a way to help heal their sore muscles.

Does Red Light Therapy interfere with any medications?

Red Light Therapy may interfere with some medications. If you are on any time of medication, talk to your doctor before starting a Red Light Therapy regimen.

Is Red Light Therapy the same as tanning?

No, you will not get tan in a Red Light Therapy or be exposed to UVA/UVB rays.

What kind of Red Light Therapy bed does Aspen Tan use?

Aspen Tan proudly uses the Beauty Angel® by Ergoline®, a European company and is tested by all EU standards.

Where can I learn more?

Beauty Angel’s website is a great resource to find out more information about Red Light Therapy. Please click here to be directed to their website.